We know that cost is one factor for our clients why to consider and choose an offshore software development. This is the reason e-labs ltd has developed several business models tailored to suit a need of practically every company.


Project Team: If you have a dedicated project with a full specification we can do a fixed time and price project.

Paid by project stages (prepayment, beta version, final version).



If some of the specs for your application are vague or if you would like to see the actual prototype of the application before deciding which features you would like to incorporate, this model could be a good fit. If your requirement varies in time we set up a team at a fixed price per week or month.

Paid weekly or monthly according to actual hours worked.


RD (Remote Department) is our outsourcing offering. This model is perfect for your company if you have long term plans for outsourcing activities and would like to avoid investments into infrastructure and recruiting headaches. e-labs ltd will assign/recruit the resources with the required skill set even if you need just one person working in your department. And we will do it absolutely for free – you pay only a fixed fee per month for actual services rendered. Additional advantages of RD are:

- Exceptional scalability. Shrink/expand your RD as much as you want.
- Full control over the team work. Customer directly selects team members and has a direct management on the team.
- Increased productivity. RD members know you personally, know your business and perform the work better and faster.
- Knowledge keeping. It is vital for any system enhancements and improvements and your RD stores knowledge. – Your project budget is always fixed.
- You know each team member in person, just like with your in-house team – you may involve not only programmers but also call centre agents, sales people, customer service reps, virtual assistants, system administrators, SEO’s, graphics designers, 3D modellers etc. Just like for your on-site department.
- Cost effectiveness. You save at least 50% of your project budget.

Paid monthly, no overcharges just a fixed monthly fee. Available even for one staff member.