e-labs ltd provide software development, outsourcing, software support and testing, telemarketing and lead generation. We utilizes best service practices combined with “whatever it takes attitude” and provides its clients with a wide range of integrated services from a single, reliable provider.


e-labs ltd…

Software Development is a complete A to Z service from the business process analysis to design, development, implementation and support of the client’s system. We have a broad expertise in the wide range of software platforms and technologies.


Client Team: If your business needs a constant capacity and the same skills we can offer to set up a dedicated programming team. In the daily functions they will be as your own employees and may include programmers, supporters, testers, etc. Each resource is billed at a fixed price per month depending on qualifications. The price covers all expenses for salaries, taxes, facilities, hardware, internet and management excl. recruitment. The customer can freely dispose of resources, but note that with freedom comes also responsibility for the daily management of the team and result.

Project Team: If you have a dedicated project with a full specification we can do a fixed time and price project or if your requirement varies in time we set up a team at a fixed price per month.

Ps: Outsourcing does not mean you can abdicate responsibility. It’s still you who own the overall results. Therefore, you must be actively involved in guiding us for best overall result.

Software Support and Testing.

Support: User friendly assistance for your customers having technical problem on your software. On phone, mail or by live-chat function.

Testing: We do various system and/or software tests based on your requirements.

Telemarketing and lead generation. 

Outbound campaign may include: net-advertising and promotions, surveys, sales, PR, customer service.

Inbound campaign often utilizes marketing tools such as contact centre (response to commercials), blogging, content publishing, search engine optimization, social media and social networks.

Support channels are: phone, mail and live-chat function.


Languages: English, Russian and Ukraine. Other languages on special request.