This section provides the database of articles and videos to help our Clients and Partners understand our business better. Check out the links below, all materials are carefully researched and selected. Enjoy reading and watching!

A funny but informative video on relationship of Vendors and Clients:

The vendor-client relationship

Nice article for making a better decision if it worth going with outsourcing:

Benefits and pitfalls of outsourcing

Interesting article on the riskiest cities for outsourcing with detailed breakdown of vital for factors for each city:

25 riskiest cities for outsourcing

Article on what is outsourcing and reasons to go offshore:

What is outsourcing and reasons to outsource

Great video to explain the recent trend of cloud computing:

Cloud computing explanation

Very good article on how to select telemarketing provider:

B2C telemarketing tips

Article on main reasons on making a decision to outsource:

Top 6 reasons to go outsourcing

Article on picking the mobile device and the platform:

iPhone vs Android

Great article on reasons to use Facebook, Twitter or other social media for business:

Top 6 reasons to use social media for business

Social networking website and their number of users:

List of social networks